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Top 10 Greatest Old Car Ads Picture #5

Top 10 Greatest Old Car Ads

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140 Subaru Impreza STI Picture #1

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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VolksWagen Golf R32 Picture #1

Euro-look Volkswagen Golf R32

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Maz Picture #1

Mazda RX-7 By WORK Emotion

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Porsche Unveils 2016 Cayman Black Edition Picture #3

Porsche Unveils 2016 Cayman Black Edition

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Golf R Estate Picture #1

Golf R Estate

We haven’t driven it sadly, but Autosport has! Check out their full review here.

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141  V8 BMW E36 Picture #1

Driftworks V8 BMW E36

Check out this video of it in action together with another of Driftworks’ awesome creations – its awesome DW86 project car:

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Modified BMW M4 Picture #1

Modified BMW M4

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VW Golf R32 By HPerformance Picture #2

VW Golf R32 By HPerformance

With HPerformance software, a HPA-Motorsports EFR550 turbo kit and exhaust system, together with upgraded internals, this Golf R32 is now pushing out 550 hp and 538 lb ft…

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App Of The Month Picture #1

App Of The Month

One of the more common complaints from owners of performance cars – is that the exhaust system just isn’t throaty enough. Well, now, thanks to Roush, you can…

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on the new 550bhp Honda NSX hybrid supercar. Picture #4

Auto Express Scoop…

On the new 550 bhp Honda NSX hybrid supercar… See the full story here.

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Picture #1

Toyota Crown By Work Wheels

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Volkswagen Golf mk7 Picture #1

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

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Spotted: Ferrari F12 Versione Speciale / GTO Picture #2

Spotted: Ferrari F12 Versione Speciale / GTO

Ferrari is making an even a hotter version of its F12 and this spy video shows us a camouflaged version driving around the streets of Maranello, Italy, and…

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640 HP Mercedes-Benz C 63 S From Wimmer RST Picture #3

Wimmer RST Presents… 640 HP Mercedes-Benz C63 S

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Picture #1

Pipercross Intake Kit For BMW M Cars

Pipercross has released a bespoke intake kit for all BMW M135i, M235i and 335i models. The filter has a significantly larger surface area than the restrictive factory part,…

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Bagged BMW Z4 On Lambo Rims Picture #1

Bagged BMW Z3 On Lambo Rims

For the full feature check out October’s issue of Performance BMW magazine. Photography: Matt Woods

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Why? Picture #1



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eBay Shed Of The Week Picture #1

eBay Shed Of The Week

No, you’re not seeing things, this 1997 Ford Explorer has been restored and wrapped to look like one of the cars from the original Jurassic Park film. Highlights…

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Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car Picture #1

Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car

Just a few days ago the Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car was unveiled in London. It has a top speed of over 1,000 mph, and is hoping to break the…

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Audi RS3 Safety Car Picture #3

Audi RS3 Safety Car

As well as a full vinyl wrap, the crew have given this RS3 PP-Performance stage 3 tuning to realise 450 hp and 443 lb ft of torque….

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Dank Fest 5 Picture #1

Dank Fest 5

Dank Fest 5 returns to Greensboro to celebrate all things cars!

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TechArt’s Porsche Cayenne Turbo Picture #3

TechArt’s Porsche Cayenne Turbo

With TechArt’s new powerkit, owners of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo can increase power to 700 hp and 679 lb ft of torque!

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710 HP BMW F10 M5 Picture #1

710 HP BMW F10 M5

The owner of this Sakhir Orange M5 has left no part untouched, from the engine featuring an ASR Engineering intake system, full race exhaust system and methanol injection,…

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Top 50: Things That Were Better In The Old Days Picture #1

Top 50: Things That Were Better In The Old Days

We love this post from Motoring Research… What’s your fondest memory of motoring from days gone by?

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Spectacular Crash At The Nürburgring

Fortunately the guy walked out of his Renault Megane RS unharmed.

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Shelby Mustang GT500 Picture #1

Mmm… Shelby Mustang GT500

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Audi TT RS Clubsport By HPerformance Picture #5

Audi TT RS Clubsport By HPerformance

If you like the look of this Audi TT RS Clubsport, then you’ll need 90,000 Euros. And that’s because German tuners HPerformance have modified almost every aspect of…

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Nascar V8 Lexus LFA Picture #1

Nascar V8 Lexus LFA

When professional drifter Youichi Imamura found a totaled Lexus LFA with significant flood damage, he just couldn’t let it be scrapped. So, he took the stock V10 engine…

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Picture #4

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

This Rosso Mars Gallardo LP550-2 Coupe looks stunning on a set of Strasse Forged Performance Series R10 wheels. Featuring carbon fibre centres, they measure 8.5×19″ up front and…

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Busted! Picture #1


VW has been placing a ‘defeat device’ into its diesel cars, which allows them to pass lab testing despite the fact they actually emit 40 times more than…

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Stand Out From The Crowd Picture #1

Stand Out From The Crowd

That was almost certainly Jags Bodyshop’s intention with their new demo car! What do we think?

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